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Quintetta Emiratisation program
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Quintetta Emiratisation program

Why Quintetta?


This peculiar word of Italian origin, is commonly used in classical music, and indicates a piece of music written for 5 instruments or 5 vocals in a concert, performing in perfect harmony.

One might wonder what is a word of such nature, doing in the middle of this business environment? It is clear that Harmony is the keyword.

Yes! with the “Quintetta” plan, our goal is to reach a situation where every 5 employees, nationals and expatriates, team up together to form one united professional cell, motivating each other, learning from each other's experience and ultimately reaching a harmonious entity.

“Our aim is to strengthen the capabilities of nationals and provide them with professional opportunities in the banking sector. We endorse the Emiratisation initiative in both letter and spirit”

Varouj Nerguizian -GM of Bank of Sharjah
AGM on 13/2/2005

This is our plan…This is Emiratisation!

A Few Hours a week?


The “Quintetta” plan from Bank of Sharjah offers you now a unique opportunity to have a real job.

Yes it’s a matter of hours. Even if you are still an inexperienced university student yet you fulfill the requirements, you can get a salary and become a productive member of society, by joining Bank of Sharjah”s “Quintetta” plan.


Quintetta Information Sheet


Bank of Sharjah's “quintetta” plan is tailored especially for you.
As a UAE national university student, you can enjoy a flexible program that allows you to work as little as 6 1/2 hours per week, the day of your choice, and yet become a recognized employee with a salary at the end of the month.



  • UAE national.

  • Registered in one of the accredited universities in UAE.

  • Good English level.

  • Ready to spend regular weekly hours in one of our branches.

  • Ready to spare one month per year in one of our branches.

  • 2 Recommendations

  • Depending on whether you are among the first applicants or not.

  • A good GPA. (or high school grades)

  • Matching of the appropriate academic studies.


The following information works as guidelines for salaries:

1st Year Student

2nd Year Student

3rd Year Student

4th Year Student





The above figures do not commit the bank. A final agreement signed by both parties and tailored for each candidate will specify the salary and other work conditions.

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