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French-Emirati Cultural Dialogue 2018-2019

Bank of Sharjah celebrates this year its 45 years of partnership with France and embodies the best example of a continuous Franco-Emirati dialogue.

It is a story that began in 1973 as a result of an accord between the Government of Sharjah and BNP Paribas to create the first financial institution in the Emirate of Sharjah and the fifth in the United Arab Emirates. Bank of Sharjah quickly became a leading player in supporting the various fields of French-UAE bilateral cooperation, not only at the banking and commercial level but also in cultural and educational fields.

Bank of Sharjah adopted this approach in line with the vision of His Highness Sheikh Dr. Sultan bin Mohammed Al Qasimi, who was known for his great admiration for French culture and richness. H.H. established through his passion for knowledge and culture the advanced level of all exchanges between the various institutions of Sharjah and France.

This year, through our support for the activities of the French-Emirati cultural dialogue 2018-2019, we continue our usual commitment to strengthening cooperation with various French institutions based on the bilateral cultural ties that unite us and our adherence to the great French-Emirati values.

Cartels pour Abu Dhabi
Art By Julien Poidevin

As part of the Emirati-French Cultural Dialogue, the Institut français in the United Arab Emirates, Cultural Department of the French Embassy, features "Patterns", an immersive and multisensory installation created by Julien Poidevin.
"Patterns" offers an in depth-experience into a space with intertwined temporalities, where present and past come to life and enrich one another.
Inspired by an 18th century Ottoman fountain from the Louvre Abu Dhabi collection, the shapes, curves and lines of the ancestral geometric patterns are materialized via sound waves generated by a computer program developed as a tribute to composer Iannis Xenakis.
This sound embodiment shed new light on the complexity of these traditional patterns. It illustrates through music and light notions of infinity and transcendence theorized by Arab mathematicians of the 10th century. This work was created with the kind permission of the Louvre Abu Dhabi.

Franco - Arabic films

Brochure Mois de la Francophonie

Danser Casa

Two Pioneer French Hip Hop Dancers reunite. Choreographed by Kader Attou & Mourad Merzouki

Nights of Ideas : Facing our Time

A worldwide celebration of free flowing ideas and knowledge focused on Museums and New Tech.
The Night of ideas is a major event dedicate to contemporary thinking, an annual initiative promoted by the Institut Français around the world. It gives the opportunity for intensive debates and it promotes knowledge-sharing between various sectors and generations.

Dubai Design Week

Le French Design: How innovation Creates History

In the Middle East, Design has become a powerful tool of business development and a way to build and affirm ones identity when it comes to differentiate Interior design whether residential or commercial. With this in mind, Dubai Design Week has quickly gained its reputation of major regional fair for the design industry. For the first time this year, Business France has curated a unique exhibition dedicated to France, showcasing the French touch and know-how of French brands and designers when it comes to the “Art de Vivre”.

Sharjah Book Fair

On the initiative of the Institut Français in the UAE and in partnership with the francophone bookshop Culture & Co. In Dubai, several French-speaking Embassies and the Alliance Française have joined efforts to create the “French Speaking Pavillion” at the heart of the Sharjah International Book Fair”.
This year, the Sharjah International Book Fair takes place in a very special context since Sharjah has been elected world book capital by UNESCO, a first for a gulf country. This distinction recognizes the efforts and quality of the programs undertaken to promote book and reading.

Art Dubai March 2018

The "Institut Français" organized in partnership with Art Dubai Fair, an open dialogue called “CoLab, a story of cultural cooperation” on March 24th in Dubai as part of the program of the Art Fair. This dialogue was a great opportunity to focus on cultural cooperation projects and to present future initiatives within the 2018 Emirati-French Cultural Dialogue sponsored by Bank of Sharjah. The event followed “Co-Lab – contemporary art & Savoir-faire” exhibition at the Louvre Abu Dhabi.

Abu Dhabi Book Fair 2018

In the framework of the Emirati-French Cultural Dialogue 2018-2019 sponsored by Bank of Sharjah, the French Embassy in the UAE, France took part part in the 28th edition of the Abu Dhabi International Bookfair 2018.

The French Pavilion was held in partnership with the Ministry of Culture & Knowledge Development, the Institut français in the UAE, Culture and Co and the Alliance Française Abu Dhabi. The Pavilion presented a rich variety of French and Francophone books, and some translations to Arabic.

Francofilm 2018

Coordinated by the Institut Français in the United Arab Emirates / Cultural Department of the French Embassy, the festival of francophone cinema gathered in the scope of the French-Emirati Cultural Dialogue 2018-2019 sponsored by Bank of Sharjah, for its 8th edition, 4 partner Embassies.

The Embassies of Belgium, Canada, Luxembourg and Switzerland presented together with France, 5 movies celebrating French language and artistic creation.

INSULA concert April 2018

Within the context of the Emirati-French Cultural Dialogue 2018-2019 sponsored by Bank of Sharjah, the Alliance Française in the United Arab Emirates and the French institute, invited INSULA to perform. After their world tour in Latin America, Europe and Russia, INSULA presented their show for the first time to the Gulf. The purpose of « INSULA » project was to show that Caribbean and Maghreb cultures are both unique and universal. Inspired by the Arab-Andalusian music and the modern Caribbean jazz, Redha Benabdallah and Maher Beauroy offer a bold music, rich in sensitivity and color, building a bridge between tradition and modernity. The concert is an inspiration from the writer Frantz Fanon, prominent figure in Martinique and in Algeria.

Dubai Design Week 2018 November 2018

In the framework of the French Emirati Cultural Dialogue 2018-2019 sponsored by Bank of Sharjah, The Institut Français in the UAE, the cultural department of the French Embassy, has participated in Dubai Design Week with a project entirely dedicated to the emerging French design scene. The exhibition “Le French design, how innovation creates history “, curated by Maud Louvrier-Clerc redefines the links between arts, design and our ways of living, through a unique selection of creations made by 14 French designers from the collective “Made in France en Transparence”.

Les Entretiens d'Abou Dhabi September 2018

As part of the activities held under the umbrella of the French Emirati Cultural Dialogue 2018-2019 sponsored by Bank of Sharjah, the Institut Français participated to the second edition of les Entretiens d'Abu Dhabi with a dedicated panel to culture & AI "What impact Artificial Intelligence have on Culture and knowledge?" with the participation of HE Omar Bin sultan Al Olama, Minister of State for Artificial Intelligence, Mr Erik Linquier, General Commissioner for France Dubai Expo 2020, Mr. Alexandre Cadain, CEO Anima and Jessica Blanc, Head of Foresight and Research Dubai Future Foundation 

"Sheikh Zayed & Europe: a Journey" Exhibition November 2018

The “Sheikh Zayed & Europe: A Journey” an EU-UAE month long exhibition that took place at the Founder’s memorial in Abu Dhabi.
The exhibition that took place during the entire month of November 2018 payed tribute to the late Founding Father by showcasing rare pictures, videos, audio recordings and memorabilia either directly related to H.H. Sheikh Zayed, or linked to the UAE-European historical and cultural exchanges between the UAE and various European countries notably France.

Jazz Festival

As part of its annual sponsorship of the Dubai Jazz Festival, in February 2018, Bank of Sharjah maintained a booth at the venue.