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ATM/Debit Cards

A Convenient way to say NO to cash

Bank of Sharjah's “Chip & PIN” Debit MasterCard offers you a payment card with enhanced chip features, combining the convenience of a chip-enabled card with a greater level of security, thus falling in line with the Central Bank strategy to combat debit card fraud.

The Bank of Sharjah Debit Card provides instant access to your account(s) at any ATM across the GCC countries or worldwide ATMs that accept MasterCard. In addition, the Bank of Sharjah Debit MasterCard can be used for retail purchases or services at any establishment worldwide that accepts MasterCard.

Adding to the above, the Bank of Sharjah Debit MasterCard can be used for online purchases from merchants that are secured by the 3D Secure Authentication provided by MasterCard.

The Bank of Sharjah Debit Card offers Enhanced Security & Secure Spending:

You will be required to enter your PIN (Personal Identification Number) when you make a transaction at a chip terminal (and no signature will be required), helping protect the card from unauthorized use. Your PIN is the key to using your card; it will become extremely important to remember your PIN as more and more merchants begin to replace their magnetic stripe point-of-sale terminals with terminals enabled to process Chip & PIN cards - and to keep your PIN secure and safe just like you do with your card.

In addition to Chip & PIN technology, all new Debit MasterCards issued are also engineered with Contactless functionality symbolized by the indicator present on the face of the card. Contactless technology allows you to make quick small value transactions up to AED 300* without entering a PIN. Simply tap your card to pay on the checkout terminal**.

Furthermore, online transactions using Bank of Sharjah Debit MasterCards are protected by 3D Secure Authentication provided by MasterCard. Every time you make an online purchase at a 3D Secure Authentication enabled merchant, which can be identified by the ‘MasterCard SecureCode’ logo, you will receive an SMS with a 6-digit One Time Password (OTP) on your registered mobile phone number with Bank of Sharjah.

Never worry about lost/stolen cards - Quickly activate or deactivate your debit card with just one click using the Debit Card on/off feature available in eBOS Internet Banking and Mobile App.

*The limit can be changed at any time by the regulators and/or the merchant’s acquiring bank and pertains to transactions made in the UAE. In other countries, the limit might be set differently according to the rules in force. Transactions for amounts above these limits will be completed using your PIN.
**A contactless payment can be rejected at any POS terminal and instead the cardholder may be required to perform the transaction using the PIN.

For general enquiries or customer service related issues,
please call us on +971-6-5694411 or email us on

If you notice an unauthorized transaction in your bank account or card account, please call us on +971-6-5694411 or +971-4-5974189 or email us on

Activate your Debit MasterCard


Bank employees will never ask for your

Sharing your details can lead to unauthorized transfer of money from your account


Payment Convenience
Payment Convenience

Pay for all your online purchases, shopping, dining, travel, or any other payments conveniently with your card within and outside UAE

Cash Withdrawal
Cash Withdrawal

Make cash withdrawals from ATMs within and outside UAE

Global Acceptances
Global Acceptance

Easy Acceptance to your bank account across millions of ATMs, websites, and retail outlets all over the world with the MasterCard logo globally

SMS Alert
SMS Alert

Receive alerts on your mobile phone for transactions made using your debit card by registering for SMS alerts

Chip Technology
Chip / EMV Technology

The embedded microchip in the Bank of Sharjah Debit MasterCard enables "Chip &PIN" security allowing you to use your card safely at millions of outlets

Chip Technology
3D Secure Authentication

To protect your online purchases, 3D Secure Authentication is added as an extra verification layer in partnership with MasterCard

3 simple steps to make retail purchases with your Bank of Sharjah
Chip & PIN Debit MasterCard:
Present your MasterCard

Present your Bank of Sharjah Debit MasterCard to the merchant. Rather than swiping your card, the merchant will insert it into the terminal.

Enter your PIN

The merchant will ask you to enter your PIN. Enter your 4 digit PIN which was given to you, by Bank of Sharjah, along with your card.

Card Returned

Once your transaction is processed, your card will be returned to you with a sales receipt. Signature is not required.


A Chip and PIN card is issued by banks to mitigate the risk of fraudulent activities on your card at ATMs and merchant outlets.
To change your PIN, simply login to your eBOS account on eBOS Internet Banking or Mobile App, under the Debit Cards menu select the card that you want to change its PIN. Finally, click on the Set/Reset PIN button.

Alternatively, you may visit any Bank of Sharjah ATM and select More Services option and then Change PIN (You must know your current PIN to change it).
Yes. You may use your Bank of Sharjah Debit MasterCard to perform online transactions and purchases from 3D Secure merchants only.
Online transactions using Bank of Sharjah Debit MasterCards are protected by 3D Secure Authentication provided by MasterCard.
Every time you make an online purchase, make sure to look for the 'MasterCard SecureCode' logo. This logo means that the 3D Secure Authentication is enabled for this merchant.
  • Make Transaction - Perform online transaction at 3D Secure Authentication enabled merchant and enter your Bank of Sharjah Debit MasterCard details.
  • Receive OTP - Bank of Sharjah will then send you a 6-digit One Time Password (OTP) via SMS to your registered phone number.
  • Enter OTP - Enter the OTP to confirm your identity to the Bank. Note that the OTP is only valid for 5 minutes.
  • Complete - The transaction is completed once the OTP and the card details are entered correctly.
An OTP may not always be required as it is based on risk analysis.
You will have 3 chances to enter the correct OTP. If this is not successful, the transaction will be cancelled, and you will return to the merchant’s online page.
You may not be aware that your card has been used fraudulently until:
  • You receive an SMS message with an OTP for a transaction that you have not initiated.
  • You receive an SMS message notifying you that a transaction was done using your debit card which you did not authorize by yourself.
  • You receive your statement and there are charges for purchases you did not make.
  • You should block your card immediately through eBOS Internet Banking or the eBOS Mobile App. Thereafter, you should call us immediately on +971-6-5694411 / +971-4-5974189 to confirm that your card is blocked.
  • To issue a new card, you should either visit your branch or alternatively call Bank of Sharjah Telephone Banking on 800-88-eBOS (within UAE) and + 971-6-5694411 (from outside UAE) Monday – Friday: 8:00 AM - 4:00 PM and Saturday 8:00 AM - 3:00 PM UAE time (GMT+04:00).
  • Next, you must fill the ‘Transaction Dispute Request’ form which can be downloaded (from this link) or obtained from any Bank of Sharjah branch. This form must be filled for each disputed/fraudulent transaction by specifying the necessary details including, cardholder name, card number, merchant name, transaction date & time, transaction amount and the reason for the dispute.
  • Bank of Sharjah will begin processing the transaction dispute as soon as you submit the signed dispute form to investigate the incident with UAE Switch or MasterCard (depending on each case).
The replacement debit card will be delivered to your registered address within 2 - 3 working days.

To activate your replacement card, you may login to eBOS to set its PIN and activate it. If you do not have an eBOS account, you may activate your card from Alternatively, you may activate your new card using any of the Bank of Sharjah ATMs located at the branches.
There are a number of steps you can take to make your card more secure, such as:
  • Sign your card as soon as you receive it, and always carry it with you.
  • Don’t let anyone else use your card, or hold it for you.
  • Don’t leave your card out in the open, such as at a restaurant or a retail outlet.
  • Cut up and dispose your card when it expires.
  • Memorize your PIN and password and destroy any letter advising you of new PIN or password.
  • Don’t disclose your PIN and password, even to friends or family.
  • Do not share your One Time Password (OTP) with anyone.
  • Don’t write down your PIN and password or keep them on your mobile or computer.
  • Avoid letting anyone watch you enter your PIN or password during a transaction. A good practice to get into is to cover the keypad when you put in your PIN at an ATM or at the shops.
  • Activate/deactivate your card as necessary upon transacting; this can be done through eBOS and eBOS Mobile App.
  • Regularly check your account statements to verify all transactions have been properly documented. If any of the entries do not accurately reflect your transaction activities (e.g. if there are missing or additional transactions), you should contact your Bank of Sharjah branch immediately.
  • If your debit card is lost, stolen or retained by a bank machine, you should block your card immediately through eBOS Internet Banking or the eBOS Mobile App. Thereafter, you should call us immediately on +971-6-5694411 / +971-4-5974189 to confirm that your card is blocked.
Card ‘Skimming’ is the illegal copying of information from the magnetic strip of a debit card. Once a card is skimmed, the scammer is able to withdraw funds from your account. Be aware of warning signs of skimming;
  • Shop assistant or waiter taking your card out of sight to process the payment.
  • You are asked to swipe your card more than once.
  • ATM machine does not look genuine or looks modified.
  • You notice unauthorized transactions on your account.

If you believe that your card has been skimmed, please notify us immediately.