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ATM Cheque Deposit

Self-Service Banking at your convenience.

You can now perform quick and easy cheque deposits at Bank of Sharjah ATMs.

Deposit cheques in your accounts using your Bank of Sharjah Debit Mastercard through our new cheque deposit machines available at all of our branch ATMs.

Your wellbeing is our priority, and our self-service ATMs are made for your convenience, ensuring no queues, social distancing, and 24/7 access, completely free of charge.

Benefits availed with the following features:

  • Cheque deposits can be made to your account using Bank of Sharjah Debit Mastercard
  • Multiple cheque deposits in one transaction
  • 24/7 access via any of our branch ATMs
  • Free of charge transaction
  • Scanned image of the cheque(s) printed on receipt
  • Funds are credited to your account on clearance